Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning

We start teaching verbal and non-verbal reasoning in the spring of year five. Verbal and non verbal reasoning are challenging for many children, but they can build the right skills to challenge difficult questions with good quality books, mock test and face to face workshops.

We help children prepare for ISEB Common Pre-Test, GL Assessment, CEM Assessment, and CEM and any style of verbal and non verbal reasoning. 

We work in partnership with Atom Learning. Atom Learning provides high level school specific tests and question support, in line with the latest test data from all the top London grammar and independent schools, including London Consortium exams.

Due to the quality of our teaching, our resources, and our partnerships, we are proud that our pass rate was 100% for the 11 Plus in 2023 and 25% of our children (several from Consortium schools) achieved academic scholarships..


Our programme is as follows: –

Spring term

In spring 2024 you will be offered four workshops. All sessions will include an introduction to Atom Learning,

·      January: Introduction to VR and NVR. January the 14th 10 am until 12 midday

·      February: Looking at strengths and weaknesses. February the 4th 10am  until 12 midday.

·      March: Coding and Cloze procedure. March the 3rd 10 am until 12 midday.

·      April: Mock exams and further teaching of verbal and non verbal techniques. Date tbc.

The first three workshops will be more generic to cover the concepts.  The last workshop on April the 8th will provide books specific to your targeted exam board. The price for this is £40 per hour and this includes your CGP book and other resources.

Easter Workshops

Easter workshops last four hours and will take place the week on the 8th of April. The first two hours are spent teaching, with mock exams taking place over the final two hours. Your child will got home with a clear understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement in verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Their tutoring will be supplemented by Atom Learning.

Summer term

We recommend that the summer term is the best time to start using GL Assessment 11+ practice papers.

We will guide you through the best way to use the papers.

Your learning will also be supplemented by Atom Learning.

Summer workshops

Summer holiday workshops will last for four hours. The first two hours will be spent teaching and the second two in mock exams. Your child will go home with a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

We run  workshops for both GL and CEM. This is so that your child has lots of time to increase their familiarity with their specific exam format, and  learn and understand their strengths and weaknesses.


Grammar school applicants will complete the final set of original GL Assessment papers.

Consortium school’s prospective students will use CEM resources only.

Your child’s learning will include access to Atom Learning. An adaptive algorithm on the platform helps build a clear picture of your child’s strengths and areas for improvement. You’ll also get access to a vast array of resources on Atom to supplement your child’s learning. This includes school-specific mock tests, which we recommend your child undertakes regularly.

Your tutor at West London Tutoring will monitor your progress on Atom Leaning and support you throughout this journey.



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