About Us

West London Tutoring is run and instructed by experienced and qualified teachers with extensive knowledge about exams. We have a bespoke and unique approach to tutoring which produces both consistent and excellent results.

We build confidence through focused learning and assessments. We are with you and your child every step of the way, and our commitment to excellent communication ensures there is always someone to talk to.

Our system fits perfectly into the school year, making sure there is the best fit for your child’s progress.

So much of what Anne and the team do is about efficient learning. Laser-focused on exactly the right areas to ensure that specific child is working on the areas they really need to

We teach a year beyond the National Curriculum to ensure that your child is well prepared. We use resources that are written by our teachers who have over 15 years’ experience. The curriculum we use is designed to be engaging, fun, interactive and challenging.

Your work is marked and assessed by a teacher every week, so we know exactly how your child is progressing. There is an expectation to supplement learning with reading good quality books and we will support you with this. Maths is supported by using the excellent software My Maths, and every child is given a free account to use at home.

We regularly assess your child’s progress to ensure they are on track with their goals. Our high standard for progress is reflected in our outstanding pass rate and academic scholarship achievements. In 2023, all 40 children who took the 11 Plus with us passed, with 25% awarded academic scholarships for common entrance exams.