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2021 Results

It’s a hat trick with stunning results again in 2021! 
We are extremely proud of our students who have worked  hard during a truly difficult year for all.
With the introduction of our Zoom Tutoring our pupils  have continued to excel.
We successfully prepared for over 30 schools and achieved 5 scholarships.

Schools where children received offers in February 2021

2020 Results

Amazing results yet again for 2020!
In 2020, 94% of children passed the 11 plus at West London Tutoring, and of these 40% were offered an
academic scholarship and/or financial bursary.

The schools where these offers were made included:

2019 Results

Our best results ever!
Schools which gave offers include:

Well done everyone! We are so happy for you.
West London Tutoring 

Lux Magazine

The bimonthly luxury lifestyle magazine Lux who only recommend the best of the best, have given West London Tutoring an award!

See our special award here

Bringing you ZOOM Tutoring!

West London Tutoring started using Zoom tuition at the beginning of April 2020.
This now gives us the opportunity to teach children all over London, and indeed all over the country!

Read more about it here


We teach English (writing, comprehension, grammar, reading and spelling)

English is taught in an hourly lesson every week, with 30-60 minutes of home work depending on which year you are in.

We use high-quality texts from classic books and always use resources a year ahead of the National Curriculum.


Maths is generally taught one year ahead of the National Curriculum, in hourly lessons with 30-60 minutes of homework to embed learning from the lesson.

We teach all maths subjects into KS3 in order to be fully prepared and have written our own unique programme to teach algebra into KS3 (as algebra is very important to the 11 Plus preparation.)

We use “My Maths” software when teaching in years 3 – 5.

Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning

VR and NVR are taught in workshops in the Spring of Year 5. By Year 6 children will be expected to know all techniques used in VR and NVR and will be working on speed and accuracy.

Thereafter children use the on-line software BOFA to hone their skills plus papers (this is included in the tuition price.)

Interview Technique

Interview practice takes an hour and parents need to be present.

We cover:
• Critical thinking skills
• Deportment
• Concrete and abstract questions
• Questions which we know turn up at interview
• Confidence skills
• How you present yourself at interview
• Your personal strengths and weaknesses

Please note:  We hold specific preparation for consortium schools. These are tried and trusted methods of preparation which get great results.

west london tutoring

Schools we prepare for

  • Notting Hill & Ealing
  • Godolphin & Latymer
  • St Augustines
  • Merchant Taylors
  • John Lyons
  • Kew House
  • Hampton School
  • Latymer Upper
  • City of London Boys/Girls
  • St Pauls
  • Francis Holland
  • Lady Eleanor Holles
  • Highgate School
  • Channing School for Girls
  • Mill Hill School
  • Wellington College

(St Pauls is a specialist preparation and will depend on whether there is space)

west london tutoring

Grammar schools we cover:

  • Tiffin Boys
  • Tiffin Girls
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Berkshire


We prepare for these schools but please note that Ealing is NOT in the “inner catchment” area and that this is generally where places are offered.

You may well have to consider moving, if you are serious about a grammar school education.

west london tutoring

State Schools

We provide quality preparation for children going to local state schools.

When children leave here in year 6 their skills will include:

  • Good reading habits

  • The ability to understand and answer questions from advanced text

  • Undertake algebra at least one year ahead of the     National Curriculum.

FREE Resources

At West London Tutoring we aim to give your child the best possible resources for teaching maths and English, alongside providing workshops for your child to prepare for exams,  including the 11 Plus and other exams from the 7 Plus to the 13 Plus.

Anne Nadel writes the majority of the resources that she uses herself, and has provided some of her favourites for you to use.

Our Teaching Philosophy

At West London tutoring our teachers are highly qualified with at least 12 years’ experience. Each teacher has QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and a DBS (criminal record check.) 
We use the best quality resources for Maths and English, both for software such as My Maths or Wordwall, and also hands-on resources. We very much believe kinaesthetic teaching helps to ensure the children fully understand concepts. 
To ensure your child is given sufficient attention, we generally work with groups of up to four children, and never more than five.
west london tutoring
west london tutoring


We have our own bespoke curriculum from year 2 to year 8 to ensure that children are properly prepared for all exams. Whether it is the 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+,11+, 12+, or the 13+, we have the resources and curriculum ready to use at West London Tutoring. The planning is also suitable for general tuition and we run a SATs preparation course in year 6.
We generally teach one year ahead of the National Curriculum to ensure children are confident in their knowledge and exam ready.

Our Teaching Team

All our teachers at West London Tutoring are DBS checked, and have a minimum of twelve years teaching experience.
Many of our teachers have also held senior management positions.
About West London Tutoring

Head of WLT

English and Maths

Hi, my name is Anne Nadel, and I have been teaching for the last 12 years, in both state and prep schools. I have been in charge of a few departments such as ICT, drama and English and I was head of a school for 3 years.

My final job before I started to tutor was as Learning Enrichment teacher for English and maths at a prep school in central London. 

I began full time tutoring in 2016 and currently teach five days a week, Monday to Friday. Occasionally I will run courses on Sundays for subjects such as verbal and nonverbal reasoning for the 11 Plus test, or Consortium preparation.

I love tutoring and work with many different (excellent) companies in order to ensure I am up to date with what is happening in the tutoring world, and more importantly to make sure I have the best resources.

I also write manuals for common entrance exams, I write 11 Plus papers and I also run day Maths and English courses for companies in the school holidays.

My qualifications:

I have a QTS, I trained with the Institute of Education and I also have a master’s degree in Teaching (MTEACH) from the Institute of Education.  My chosen specialism was English and the research for my dissertation was creative writing and disengaged boys.

I have a DBS certificate, as do all teachers here.

Head of Maths

English and Maths

West London Tutoring

I am an experienced, qualified primary school teacher having taught in the state sector for 15 years.  During this time, I have taught in both KS1 and KS2 including Y2 and Y6 preparing children for SATs.

I have always particularly enjoyed teaching maths as it is a subject that some children can find challenging. 

Tutoring children in small groups is very beneficial for their learning and understanding as misconceptions and weaknesses can be addressed straight away in a supportive environment.

My aim is to enable children to understand mathematical concepts and give them strategies to problem solve rather than rely on rote learnt methods alone.

I have also spent some time this academic year writing a programme to teach algebra to a high standard, and also apply algebraic methods to the trickier questions.  Many papers in the 11 Plus are algebra heavy and we know it is important to be able to access these questions.

In English tutoring, I aim to improve children’s creative writing through the development of their vocabulary and style.  Reading is a vital part of this as it has been proven to improve results across the curriculum.

For comprehension we teach using advanced texts (usually from the academic year above or from classics) so that children can access the more difficult questions.

west london tutoring

Head of Younger Years

Keystage 1

I decided to go into education after having two children and have now worked in the sector for more than 20 years, based in early years and key stage one. I was a reception teacher, in an Ealing school, for 10 years and the lead across the early years phase. I really enjoy working with younger children, watching them blossom and grow. I am now working as SENDCo at the same school, organising support for our pupils with special needs of all kinds alongside outside agencies, whilst also teaching in a year one class two days a week. I joined West London Tutoring permanently this year, alongside my other roles. 

KS1 and KS2

west LondonTutors

Hello, my name is Sian and I am a qualified primary school teacher with over 15 years experience. I have worked in both state and private sectors and I love what  I do.

Since having my two young children I have set up my own tutoring business in West Berkshire. This has been successfully running for over three years and i look forward to it continuing.

I feel so lucky to be able to work so closely with children to help them to achieve their potential.

I have experience in teaching across the year groups in KS1 and KS2. My other roles have included being a Science Specialist and a Head of Year Three at an inner London Prep School. I have had the pleasure of working closely with Anne in the past and I am excited to be with her again and to join the team at West London Tutoring.

Deputy Head of WLT

Reading, Writing and Maths

After a successful and rewarding career in magazine publishing, I embarked on a career in teaching in 2000 on completion of a PGCE from Brunel University. I feel privileged to have had two careers that I have thoroughly enjoyed and am passionate about!

I have taught children from Year 3 to year 6 in local schools that have gained good and outstanding status. My roles have developed over the years from class teacher to Deputy Head and I have kept my classroom practise sharp and current. I have been Head of Maths, ICT and Gifted and Talented children.

I am passionate about developing children’s reading and writing skills as a life-long tool to success and equipping them with the vocabulary to unlock their potential.

I have a proven record of enabling children to make accelerated progress and improve attainment in Reading, Writing and Maths, as well as providing positive personalised learning for groups within a class and on an individual basis.

Over the years I have also independently tutored children to successfully pass their 11plus exams and Common Entrance Exams and to develop confidence in their abilities.

Since 2014 I have been an LA Writing moderator, an LA Lead Moderator and am currently an independent consultant for writing.

Head of Years 3 & 4

Lower Key Stage 2

Hello, my name is Lana-Lea. I was born in South Africa where I completed my Bachelor of Primary Education. I moved to England immediately after achieving my degree having received a first-class pass.

I have been teaching in England for the last 18 years and I am experienced in teaching children from Reception to year 6.  I have held various senior leadership roles in Early and Primary Education. I completed my NPQH (National Professional Qualification for Headship) in 2009.  As an outstanding teacher, I have always taken a lead on Teaching and Learning.

Most recently, I was the Headteacher of an amazing team who created and implemented an aspirational vision for a brand, new school which was built in London.


Having a young family, I decided that I needed to embark on new adventures.  I now look after children with challenging medical needs and I am extremely honoured to have joined the teaching team at West London Tutoring.  I promise to always deliver the best quality teaching to your children ensuring that they achieve their personal best.

west London Tutoring Tutors



I am a fully qualified secondary English teacher with nearly a decade’s experience of classroom teaching, eight of which were spent at a prestigious West London girls’ independent school.  Having formerly held roles as Second in Department and A Level English Co-ordinator, I have extensive experience of teaching at KS3, GCSE and A Level.  In addition, I am fully familiar with supporting a range of students through university entrance and Oxbridge preparation, and 11+ examination and interview preparation.  My students consistently achieve outstanding examination results of which I am exceptionally proud!

In 2014 I was awarded a Distinction in my Master’s Degree from the Institute of Education in which my research explored how in-role drama activities, particularly writing in role, could be used in the classroom to support and develop students’ understanding and writing in English.

KS1 and KS2

Special Educational Needs

I’m a dedicated tutor with 7 years full-time experience. I have worked with students across London on a one-to-one basis as well as in small groups. Alongside tutoring, I teach at the West London Performance Academy and at Sophia High School (an online high school). I have experience working with children with special educational needs including ADHD, autism and dyslexia.I obtained a PGCE (teacher training qualification) at the University of Warwick. I also completed a BSc degree in Biomedical Science at Imperial College London.My tutoring approach involves building a strong and positive working relationship with students, highlighting their strengths and helping them to trust their own abilities. My goal is to help them develop a growth mindset (so that they feel ready to take initiative themselves) and tackle more challenging problems on their own.Having worked with children from primary school through to A-level, I thoroughly enjoy helping students feel a greater confidence in their abilities and enjoy the subjects they are learning.

Best wishes, Roshan

What we Offer

West London Tutoring offer 7+ preparation as well as reading, writing, handwriting, spelling, grammar and independent comprehension.  We also offer support and extension in general tuition.

We offer 8+ preparation as well as reading, writing, handwriting, spelling, grammar and independent comprehension.  We also offer support and extension in general tuition.

At West London Tutoring we offer both support and extension work in year 4.  Support is for those who need help with reading, creative writing, comprehension and grammar.  Extension is for those who are preparing for the 11 Plus.  Grammar is covered in much more detail. 

We offer bespoke preparation for the 11 Plus for all schools in the country and particularly central, North and West London. We also prepare for grammar schools.

VR and NVR are covered, and I have a successful system for supporting this at home with parents.

We prepare children for academic scholarships. In 2020 40% of our students were offered academic scholarship to schools such as NHEHS, Francis Holland, Latymer Upper, St Augustine’s and St Benedict’s.

West London Tutoring also prepares for other schools in the country.


At West London Tutoring, we offer intense preparation for the 11 Plus through sitting a wide variety of 11 Plus papers with detailed feedback for reaching the highest possible marks.  This is for both maths and English. 

We cover all writing genres for the 11 Plus including descriptive passages, discursive essays, recounts, letter and diary entries. VR and NVR are not taught as the grammar school exams are generally in September and preparation will have already taken place.  I am also available for chatting through different school options and expectations.  I provide interview preparation along with a pack I have written, and I am experienced in preparing children for interviews through elocution and deportment, along with questions and answer practise.

West London Tutoring prepare children for academic scholarships and every year children from here will be offered scholarships. 

Carolyn provides high level support and preparation for SATs every year.  Carolyn is a very experienced teacher who moderates for the Borough of Ealing. She teaches throughout the year and in the Spring term works on papers and exam technique with pupils.

Term Times

Tutoring is run for 36 weeks of the year and broadly follows private school terms. 

Term dates 2020 /21: ( 14 week term )
Term dates always start on a Monday and finish on a Friday.
Autumn – 7th September until 18th December

Half term – Week of 26th October

Spring term –  (11 week term)  4th January until 26th March

Half term – Week of 15th February 

Summer term – 19th April until 9th July

Half term –  Week of 31st May 

We Teach:
Monday – Friday, between 4pm and 6:30pm 

We also run tuition in the holidays although it is mainly aimed at children preparing for 11 Plus as this is always the largest cohort.

west london tutoring

Exam Papers Plus

Exams Papers Plus is a company that Anne Nadel writes and teaches for. 

For her laterst teaching dates please look at the Exams Plus courses page:


In 2019 do look out for Anne’s book “The Complete Illustrated Guide to 11 + Writing.” This is a substantial book which covers every aspect of writing for the 11 Plus. It covers all schools in London (and nationwide) which require creative writing as part of 11 Plus preparation.

Exam papers Plus provides excellent resources for all aspects of common entrance exams – from the 7+, 8+,9+, 10+, 11+, 12+ and finally the 13+.  They also provide study days and study weeks at central London locations in the holidays.



Read more here

December Workshops

We are running Zoom workshop classes during the December half Term from the 21st – 23rd

The available classes are shown below. Please using the booking form to prebook your child’s class.

All workshops are priced at £25 per hour.


Monday 21st Dec

Measure Geometry Shape

10 – 11 am


Supported Paper Manchester Grammar

11.15 -12.15 pm


1 -2 pm

Warrior Scarlett

10 -11 am

Manchester Grammar Carrie’s War

11.15 – 12.15 pm

The Statue

10 -11 am

The Statue

11.15 -12.15 pm

Tuesday 22nd Dec

Shape and geometry

10 – 11 am


11.15 -12.15 pm

Supported Paper Alleyns 2015

1 -2 pm


10 -11 am


11.15 – 12.15 pm

Manchester Grammar Carrie’s War

1 -2 pm

The Statue

10 -11 am

The Brother’s Grimm

11.15 -12.15pm

The Library

1 -2 pm

Wednesday 23rd Dec

Facts Cap

10 – 11 am

The Lie Tree

11.15 -12.15 pm

The Complete Illustrated Guide to 11+ Writing

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Creative Writing is a substantial book and will be on sale this summer.  It provides all aspects of how to write at a strong level for the 11 Plus and is suitable for all academic schools, boarding schools and for any child who wishes to write creatively at a high standard.  It is also aimed at SATs preparation.

The book starts with a guide to reading books, presentation of work and then handwriting. An excellent booklist is provided so that children are reading at the correct level.

Moving on, we look at vocabulary through techniques such as figurative language, colour, tension and the senses –

what you don’t see can sometimes be far more entertaining than what you do see!

We then proceed to the more technical elements and the use of conjunctions, interesting openers and solid use of punctuation.

The wide variety of genres now required for the 11 Plus, are completely covered in the next chapter.

After covering spelling, we devote a large section to exemplars of writing.  Here the reader can study good writing and poor writing, all marked and annotated so that the child is very clear of expectations.

They also get to peer mark with the use of checklists. This chapter is unique in what it offers the reader.  

The child/ parent/ carer will be able to see what good quality writing is like and see it marked and annotated by an experienced teacher.

Throughout the book there are lots of exercises for the child to practise their techniques and parents have a role too.

This book is an absolute must for writing creatively at the right level for the 11 Plus.

Parent Reviews

UU 2018 January (Year 5 pupil)

Anne is a brilliant teacher and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of 11+ exams.

She gives individual attention to each child and brings out the best in them.

I went to Anne 3 months ago to help prepare my son for the 10 plus deferred exams, even though it was a short period of time, he gained an excellent knowledge of the exam techniques.

She took my son through step by step, his strengths, his weaknesses and prepared him to complete the exams in time.

She also built up my son’s confidence and challenged him. Her in-depth knowledge of the 11 plus exams was excellent.

My son got into his targeted school of City of London this week.

Thanks so much Anne for all your help and support.

July 2016
My son D prepared for the 11 Plus with Anne for English (creative writing and comprehension.) Anne taught him to a high standard and he enjoyed his lessons. He was offered places at Tiffin, Queen Elizabeth (Barnet) all Buckinghamshire Grammar schools and accepted a place at St Olaves Grammar School.

We would very much recommend Anne as an 11 Plus Tutor.

September 2016

My son K was tutored by Anne and made great progress in English in year 5 and 6. He moved 2 subsets (a year’s progress) in just one term and moved from the middle to the top set for English at school. He gained in confidence in both creative writing and comprehension and enjoyed Anne’s lessons, which were always tailored to his needs. I would very much recommend Anne as a tutor.

October 2016
My Son recently achieved an academic scholarship place at St Benedict’s in February 2016.

My husband and I are certain that was down to the professionalism of his tutoring, provided by Anne and her team.

My son took to Anne immediately. She understood his personality and was able to personalise the tutoring accordingly and draw out his best attributes, whilst giving detailed focus on what needed assistance.

This gave him great confidence in his approach and ability towards the exams.

Anne’s guidance support and advice was extremely helpful, systematic, thorough and accurate. Reflected by her experience as well as the excellent quality teaching, helped to cover everything he needed in a limited time.

We thank you and your team very much. I would not hesitate to recommend you.

Coming Soon!

Anne Nadel is planning to open an online shop in the summer of 2021.  She is currently working with a graphic designer to put together a collection of top of the range resources which can be used together with your tuition or indeed the classroom.  

The 11 Plus curriculum written by Anne ( for use by tutors, parents and teachers) and is all you need for sensible 11 Plus preparation.

It will be released for sale by the end of 202 – beginning 2021.  The curriculum gives step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your child for the 11 plus, alongside great resources and papers.

Mark schemes and expectations will be included  so Anne can help guide you to the right school for your child. 

So watch this space!

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