How we work

English and maths are two separate lessons. Every week we offer English and Maths classes which can be undertaken online or face to face. You can choose between one subject or both. Bookings are taken by calling West London Tutoring. All classes are subject to availability and cannot be booked online.

Our classes are one hour long with homework after the lesson which will be marked and assessed by your tutor by the next lesson for up-to-date feedback. Work is emailed as a pdf between the parent/care giver and tutor.

Classes are generally at 4:15 to 5:15 and 5:30 to 6:30. They may be slightly staggered by five minutes to avoid congestion (for in-person classes.) Children who attend double classes face to face will be offered snacks and a break between lessons which is free of charge. Our snacks are nut free and vegetarian. If you have any specific dietary requirements, you are also welcome to bring your own snacks provided they are nut free and vegetarian.

On joining West London Tutoring you will be offered a two week trial which costs £60 per subject. Once your child is settled, we will ask for the payment for the whole term. If you are an existing pupil, we ask that you pay for the term in advance, a week before term starts.

The cost of a class is £30 per hour, and this includes:

  • An hour of teaching with an experienced teacher who knows your child well
  • Live marking of homework (you email homework to us a pdf)
  • An optional free 15 minutes with Anne on Mondays (5pm-7pm) if there are any issues from a lesson
  • Classes are on zoom or face to face in Ealing
  • If you are undertaking maths we offer a My Maths account to supplement your learning

Our Resources:

At West London Tutoring we teach from inhouse, bespoke books which are provided every term. English books provide: a broad range of materials from writing genres, comprehensions, grammar, exam material and vocabulary. Maths books provide: times tables and number preparation in the early years, cribs sheets, checklists, interactive challenges, and a broad range of teaching materials.

The books are recyclable and are printed with materials which do not contain any plastics.

If you are taught online, you purchase your book yourself via our shop.
If you are taught face to face then your books will be ordered for you and kept at West London Tutoring, ready for your first lesson.