The Ultimate Guide to Creative Writing


This guide is written to prepare students for all genres of writing for the 10+, 11+ and
Common Entrance Exams. All the content in this book is relevant for use in years
four, five and six.
While this book is specifically aimed to target end of KS2 exams, the teaching
scheme is universal and will generally help improve writing standards at school.
How the book works
The West London Tutoring method takes on a ‘building block’ approach where we
focus on sentence work at the start, in order to build a strong base to improve writing
overall. This is reflected in the chapter structure of the book as follows:
Chapter 1 & 2
These chapters focus on sentence structure from both a creative and technical view
point. We use a bespoke, child friendly system that ensures children have a strong
understanding of high quality sentences.
Chapter 3
This chapter suggests lots of different genres for writing sentences so that children
practise what they have learnt.
Chapter 4
From here on the book focuses on all the forms of writing expected to see during
exam season.
Creative writing from either a photo, opener or ending.
• Descriptive writing
• Balanced argument
• Newspaper report
• Letter of complaint
• Recount
• Diary entry
• Persuasive letter
• Informal letter
All of these topics are taught with an engaging, child friendly approach that includes
variety and games in order for the last chapters to really solidify themselves in a
child’s writing.
Chapter 5
The final chapter focuses on the power of reading. For a child to reach their full
potential, it’s incredibly important for them to be reading to a high level. In this
chapter the book will cover how to encourage this and includes an extensive book
Logistical Extras
This book is designed to cover the whole curriculum of creative writing. We
recommend a balanced approach to learning and to work through this book at an
organised pace.

With the guidance notes provided, tutors and parents will be able to mark and
support their children through the learning process.