Autumn English Year 5 Teacher’s Guide


This book is designed for children wishing to be taught approximately one year ahead of the national curriculum or preparing for common entrance/11 Plus grammar schools.
The emphasis in this term is on preparation for the 11 Plus and resilience, along with confidence in comprehension, writing and grammar.
This book contains seven comprehensions, five writing lessons and one lesson on grammatical terms.
In addition, every week there are seven vocabulary words to learn. Grammar and punctuation is also included throughout the book and reading good quality books is included in the lessons. It is expected that children read two good quality books a term and write a book review to reflect.
There is also an assessment which shows where a child is in relation to the national curriculum and 11 Plus preparation.
Weekly homework is included. We would also recommend that you buy the GL papers from
Everything you need to confidently teach is in this guide including a mark scheme with guidance, support and suggestions for all lessons.
This guide was written by experienced, qualified teachers, who have spent many years successfully tutoring for some of the top schools in the UK.