zoom tuition

Zoom Tuition - A New Era


zoom tuition

We started using Zoom tuition at the beginning of April 2020.  This now gives us the opportunity to teach children all over London, and indeed all over the country!

With Zoom tuition you will be sent the resources on Sunday the week commencing your teaching.  In the email I will also indicate what must be printed for the lesson, and what is optional (usually grammar homework.)

You then print up the resources into a pack for your child and everything is good to go for the week, regardless of which day we teach your child.

You will also be sent a list of “Zoom rooms” which are personal to each teacher, so you go to the right classroom. The children are very efficient at this!

This is some feedback from our teaching recently:

The Future of Zoom Tuition

In September at least 50% of our tutoring will remain on-line and we will provide smaller amounts of face to face teaching.

The planning, standards and quality of teaching will remain exactly as they have always been.  In addition, I will be holding free 15 minute 1:1 sessions for children who are taught English so that if there is anything you are not sure of I will personally teach this free of charge.  I will also be available every morning for parents for either a telephone or Zoom call, so that you can have complete confidence in communication and standards.

During the actual sessions,  like face to face tutoring we utilize a variety of resources that can be shared on screen. Thereby giving your child all the benfits of the classroom. 

Why Stay on Zoom?

Parents have said that they no longer wish to drive so much, and I suspect more of us will be working from home so Zoom provides an easy solution at home.  We respond to the feedback and demand we have received, and it would seem that Zoom is a popular option and most likely it is here to stay.

Maximum Number Of Children Per Session –  Five

Zoom Etiquette

Please download the PDF below and ask your child to read and sign it at the bottom please.  Please scan and email to West London Tutoring