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West London Tutoring Reviews

It’s always good to read genuine reviews to help make a decision, especially with something as important as your child’s education. Below we have a number of West London Tutoring reviews from the year 2014 up to, and including 2020. We hope you will find these useful, and should you wish to contact us with regards to tuition, we will be happy to hear from you.

AB Year 6 Child Chiswick

Our daughter, AB, tutored with Anne and Carol for one year, in preparation for the 11+ for The Tiffin Girl’s School and Latymer Upper School. She was offered a place in both schools and an academic scholarship at Latymer.

Right from the beginning we felt that we are in very competent hands. Anne initially assessed AB, she was open and honest about her prospects, and gave us the confidence that with hard work, guidance and support AB has a good chance to pass the exams. AB enjoyed studying in a small group, in a challenging, safe and nurturing environment. She was always keen to attend and always came out with sparkling eyes and a big smile on her face.

These are her words:
Anne and Carol tutored me for a year to prepare for my 11 plus exams. Anne’s lessons were always hard work but interesting and lots of fun. She is kind and thoughtful: any corrections are made in a way that only increases confidence. She has excellent resources for children to practice on at home, which greatly improved my writing style helping me in school as well. Aside from this, she has a great collection of excellent books for every year group that she knows will enhance the students writing skills.

Carol, who taught me maths, was also great. Using a combination of tests and games she helped me to better understand Algebra, F.D.P, Averages, etc. The games kept up my motivation while the tests showed me my improvements and what I needed to work on. Carol always explained what I had done wrong and showed me what I should have done. All in all, without West London Tutoring, I would never have passed my 11 plus.

West London Tutoring Reviews

TJ Ealing Mum

Both my son (7) and daughter (10) were tutored by the West London Tutoring team for the 7+ and 11+ respectively. Not only did they make the experience fun for the children, so much so they skipped into an additional 2 hours of ‘schooling’ every week, but the progress both children made in every aspect of their school-work was exceptional.

It began as a mission to achieve places at Hampton, and Godolphin and Latymer, but little did we know how much it would have a major bearing on their confidence and focus, which has set them up so well for their continuing education. Both children were given the extra boost of making it into their first-choice schools. So much of what Anne and the team do is about efficient learning. Laser-focussed on exactly the right areas to ensure that specific child is working on the areas they really need to.

This preparation put them at ease enough to perform well in the exams. We will be eternally grateful. Both children are absolutely over-the-moon and very proud of themselves.
Thank you doesn’t really do it justice, but it’s a good start! (and the scholarship was also an added bonus!)

TL Year 6 Child Ealing

Our daughter undertook 11 plus tuition with Anne in Maths and English for a term in year 5, and then year 6 as she goes to a state primary school where Maths and English are not covered to the standard needed for 11+ exams. She really enjoyed the group classes and found Anne very friendly and helpful. Anne is very experienced and knows exactly what is needed to get through 11+. She also has great knowledge about the entrance exams for specific schools and has lots of resources available for practice. Her session on interview preparation was particularly helpful, to understand the kind of questions that may be asked at interview. We always found her very approachable, knowledgeable and helpful and she really brings out the best in each child. In the end our daughter received offers from all the schools she applied for, including an academic scholarship at her chosen school and a place at Tiffin Grammar.

EL Year 6 Child

Hi Anne. A has got offers from all the schools she applied to (City of London Girls, Lady Eleanor Holles, Latymer Upper and NHEHS) including an academic scholarship from NHEHS! Thanks so much for all your help! Now follows an incredibly difficult decision to make…

RS Year 6 Child Northfields

Having now received all E’s letters, I wanted to say another enormous thank-you for your invaluable help.
She has had 5 offers – Godolphin, Notting Hill, LEH, Benny’s and St Augustine’s – plus all 3 sports scholarships she went for, and an additional academic scholarship from Benny’s. We now face a very difficult decision, which will probably come down to a choice between Godolphin and Notting Hill… what a nice problem to have!
Thank you so much Anne. You were absolutely instrumental in E’s success.

RN Year 5 Northfields

My daughter had always been in the bottom group for maths and has struggled to remember the basic concepts. She started with West London Tutoring in the second part of the summer term of year 4 in 2019 and then we continued in year 5. At her parents evening in the autumn term of year 5, her class teacher was surprised that she hadn’t achieved a mastery in Maths at the end of Year 4. Her confidence and ability just in 1 term had grown to such a level. I couldn’t believe that so much could be achieved in 1 term. My opinion of my daughter’s abilities has changed completely as I really didn’t think she could even perform at that level.
Thanks to Anne’s team and the work they do my daughter is much more confident in maths and is now performing at a level she never had been before.

West London Tutoring Reviews

FM year 6 Pupil

My son has genuinely loved coming to his weekly Maths and English tuition. He has found your sessions engaging and fun and always arrived home buzzing with excitement with all he has learned. You have really unleashed his potential with creative writing and his maths techniques have also improved enormously under your support and guidance. The most unexpected transformation though, has been the confidence he now has in himself, his learning and how he conducts himself with adults. We can’t thank you enough for all he has achieved in the last year. (And, of course, he sailed through the Buckinghamshire 11 Plus.)

BD Year 6 Pupil

BD has passed every entrance exam and qualified for every school, obtained a scholarship and we now have our 1st choice (Haberdasher’s) where he will flourish and be himself. This is all down to you and your teaching methods. You have helped give BD the best start to life and we are so thankful to you.

(Year 5 pupil)

I don’t know if I have mentioned it yet Anne. A is absolutely loving studying with you. His teachers were concerned that two hours after school would be too much but he bounces in and bounces out. He doesn’t even complain about the homework he receives. Thank you very much – whatever it is you are doing… he is loving it……


(Year 9 Pupil)

I don’t know if I mentioned this to you, but in his end of the year exams, he improved by about 20% and his teacher was very impressed  In January he was at a 5a level and obtained a 49% in the exam (Class average was 52%)

In July he was at level 6 and obtained a 65% in the exam (Class average was 60%)

I am so happy we found you, because I can really see his progress with the attention you dedicate to him, so a huge thanks from me!


My daughter decided rather late that she wanted to move from her school, where she could have carried on to senior school without sitting the 11-plus. Thank goodness for Anne Nadel, who worked with C on her English and Math skills plus exam technique. In a few short months, Anne brought C from never having heard of the 11-plus to being very well prepared for the Notting Hill and Ealing High School entrance exam. C came away from the tutoring confident in her ability to do well on the exam, and is now very happily finishing her third year at NHEHS!


My son tutored with Anne Nadel in order to prepare for the independent schools 11+ entrance exams.  My son looked forward to and enjoyed Anne’s lessons, Anne encouraged him in a positive manner and boosted his confidence.  Anne initially identified strengths and weaknesses: knowledge, understanding and gaps.  Once a full understanding was gained in English and Maths, Anne then moved onto past test papers from a wide selection of schools.  Anne also helped me as a parent to understand the entrance school process and identify a suitable senior school match for my son.  My son sat the 11+ entrance exams at Merchant Taylors’, John Lyon and St Benedict’s and was offered a place at all of them.   Anne is an excellent tutor and prepares pupils to a high standard for entry to chosen schools.

West London Tutoring Reviews

Anne Nadel tutored my son S in English to prepare him for 11+ independent school exams which he took in January 2014.  S went to Belmont Primary School in Chiswick and was really struggling in English. During the time he spent with Anne his self belief and confidence in English flourished. Anne helped him develop a list of skills which allowed him to feel much more comfortable sitting the exams.  Anne’s approach was gentle but firm and she taught Sam to a very high standard. He also enjoyed his sessions with Anne and never complained about going!  As a result S gained a place at Hampton Boys School, his first choice which we were delighted with. In his own words he says “it is only because of Anne that I got in”.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Anne, she is a wonderful tutor.