About West London Tutoring

About West London Tutoring

About West London Tutoring

Welcome to “West London Tutoring” which I own and run. I’m Anne Nadel, a qualified teacher and tutor working in West and Central London for the past 15 years.

The children who attend our bespoke tutoring service, West London Tutoring, achieve fantastic results. This is due to providing the best resources, the best teachers, the best access to educational companies and websites, and finally the best curriculum.

Most of my work concentrates on tuition for pupils, although I’m happy to provide free workshops to state schools on creative writing. This could be for either teachers or pupils.

Companies I work with:

Exams Papers Plus

Exams Papers Plus is a company I write and teach for. Due to the current situation I have no study days booked but will update you once everything has settled down.

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I have also written a book for Exam Papers Plus:

The Complete Guide to 11 + Writing

The guide has been specifically designed for students taking an 11+ exam that includes a writing component.

Last year, we released ” 11+ Writing Prompts.” Whilst this has proven immensely popular, many of you got in touch to request a product that went beyond sample questions and covered not only techniques to improve 11+ writing skills, but also model answers to act as reference points.

Our new guide does exactly this. It covers every single element of the 11+ writing task and is packed with actionable advice, tips and techniques. It includes multiple writing samples across all eight categories, at different quality levels. These are annotated and analysed in great detail, allowing students to learn exactly what the differences are between high and low quality writing samples, and how and why marks are awarded in the actual exam.

By taking this granular approach, the guide aims to strengthen and reinforce your child’s understanding of exactly what is required of them. Therefore, they will have a solid foundation and the ability to approach their exam with confidence.

Model answers and writing samples are included for all of the below categories:

1) Story writing
2) Finishing with a given ending
3) Continuing a story
4) Recounts
5) Diary entries
6) Newspaper reports
7) Balanced arguments/discursive essays
8) Letters

That’s not all though, the guide contains a lot more than just these annotated writing samples and accompanying exercises.

Other chapters include:

Reading and Handwriting
– Language and Description
– Sentence and Structure
– Creative Writing
– Spelling

Excellent 11+ writing techniques such as Good  Cop, Bad Cop, Soap and Shampoo are all covered in detail.

Furthermore, the guide is packed full of interesting and practical tasks and exercises to help students improve the quality of their writing. There’s a whole lot more included too, but we don’t want to keep you too long!

“Suffice to say, we believe this to be the most comprehensive and useful guide to 11+ Writing available today.
(Faisal Nasim CEO of Exam papers Plus.) “

It has received excellent feedback, with lots of 5 star ratings:

Exam Papers Plus provides excellent resources for all aspects of common entrance exams – from the 7+, 8+,9+, 10+, 11+, 12+ and finally the 13+.  They also provide study days and study weeks at central London locations in the holidays.

Examberry is an excellent local tuition company and I teach creative writing study days for them.  They are generally aimed at year 4, 5 and 6.

I have the following dates booked


BOFA is an excellent company who we work with for verbal and nonverbal reasoning, plus pre-tests and consortium preparation.

Andy and I are currently working on a project to digitalise creative writing.  Do watch this space!